Birdwatching walk with the Dunston children

IMG_6178  IMG_6179  IMG_6175 The Dunston childrens first trip to the Staiths was to have a look at some of the wildfowl there with the help of some experts. A group of 9 of the children that go to the Dunston Drop-In Centre, made their way to Keelman’s Way viewing point to meet Peter Bell, a senior planner from Gateshead Council, two local residents who have been monitoring the wildlife on the Staiths for several years and Education Officer Kirsty Pollard from Durham Wildlife Trust. IMG_6170IMG_6174IMG_6177 The young people were all really keen to have a go on the powerful telescopes that Peter and Kirsty had brought with them. They spotted Heron and watched them take off and recognised the distinctive call of the Curlew and rose to the challenge of then spotting it in the mudflats using the binoculars. With huge thanks to the youth worker Carol Nixon, for making it possible for the group to go out.

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