STEM Group Paper Structures Competition – Incorporating Staithes Structural Geometry

The kingsmeadow sixth form engineering group were given the task of coming up with their own paper structure design to mimic some of the stability aspects that are included in the Staithes structural frames.

100g weights were hung from each model as they spanned a 30 cm gap until each structure failed and collapsed. Points were awarded for the most economic design (paper and nuts and bolts had a cost associated) and also a higher weighting of points for the strongest model. With christmas selection boxes as prizes for the winning team the competition was serious!


SAM_3212 SAM_3214 SAM_3216 SAM_3218 SAM_3220 SAM_3221 SAM_3222 SAM_3224 SAM_3225 SAM_3227 SAM_3228 SAM_3229 SAM_3231 SAM_3232

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